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General Provisions

  • 1) Crowntyre Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", also refers to the Company's Internet site which is recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy, and abides by stipulations regarding privacy under the "The Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc." and the Privacy Guideline established by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The Company provides information on the purpose of collecting and using personal information and measures taken to protect your privacy through its Privacy Policy.
  • 2) The Privacy Policy can be easily accessed via the main page of the Company's website ( 
  • 3) The Company has set up procedures necessary to revise the Privacy Policy for its continued improvement. In the event of a revision to the Privacy Policy, steps are taken to ensure that you can easily recognize the revision.

Article 2:Scope of Collection of Personal Information

  • 1) "Personal information" refers to information about a living person that identifies the individual based on his/her name and identification number, including symbols, text, voice data, sound and images (includes information which alone is not sufficient but when combined with other information can identify an individual).
  • 2) The Company only collects information listed in Article 2-3 of the Privacy Policy which is the minimum information required to provide services, and the information is collected through fair and appropriate means. The Company shall not refuse to provide basic services even if you choose not to provide optional information.
  • 3) List of information collected upon message contact mandatory items: country, name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, phone number, address etc.
  • 4) The Company does not collect personal information which poses an obvious risk of infringing upon your basic rights (race and ethnicity, ideology and beliefs, hometown and legal domicile, political inclination and criminal record, health conditions such as medical history, sex life, etc.). However, exceptions are made when the personal information to be collected is stipulated under laws or is directly related to and thus required to provide services, in which case your consent will be required.

Article 3: Consent to Collection of Personal Information

  • 1) The Company provides a process through which you may click on the "Accept" or "Cancel" buttons related to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service upon member registration. If you click on "Accept," you will be regarded as having consented to collection of personal information.

Article 4: Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

  • 1) The Company collects your personal information for the following purposes: Name, identification number: To identify adult users of services and to check whether you are an offline member, Address, phone number, e-mail address: To secure a communication channel for providing information on services/new products or events, conveying notices, verifying your decisions, handling complaints, etc. Identification number, address: Demographic analysis (statistical analysis of service users by age, gender, region, etc.), Optional items: Reference for individual services and special services (tire consulting, leaders club, etc.).
  • 2) In order to provide you with diverse and high quality services, the Company may integrate and use/manage your personal information and data related to service usage with member information from mail order business and e-commerce that the Company is currently engaged in or will engage in in the future, including information gained via the "" website, related websites through which you may receive services by using the single integrated member account (user ID and password) operated by the Company and offline customer data.