Be Together · Sail Further: Crown International Corporation Awards Night 2020-2021

【 Corporate News 】 Release Date : 2021-01-19 Author : Alice Editor : Jaime Source : Qingdao, China

Spring is filled with enthusiasm and energy, and the season of fresh starts and renewal will come along with it. On January 18, Crown International Corporation held the Annual Awards Night with the theme of "Be Together Sail Further".

Tim Liang, Chairman of the group who's currently based overseas, connected with colleagues from different countries and regions through online video, took the time to gather together, to summarise the achievements of the past year, and to plan the strategic direction of the coming new year.

Tim Liang · CEO of Crown International Corporation

After the opening of the annual meeting, Tim, chairman of the group, explained the development process and achievements of the company in the special period under the 2020 epidemic. His sharing pointed out that the complex 2020 will be torment and growth for both companies and individuals. In this special period, various uncertain factors and events have tested everyone's will and ability to adapt to changes.
"I believe that every colleague will have an unprecedented experience. This is the biggest gain in the year of the 2020 epidemic, and it is also our strength for further improvement and progress in the future!"

CIC London Office, UK

"The strong are always strong, and opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. As the new crown epidemic rages around the world, our group has opened up new paths, entered the PPE business field, and increased the medical business segment. Not only helps the group's customers worldwide to overcome the epidemic together is also a new chapter in the company's new business model.

"In the past year, Crown International Corporation has reshaped the supply chain at home and abroad. The companies under the group have sincerely cooperated to open up new markets and strengthen the competitiveness of the group's own brands, which has laid a solid foundation for the group company to do a lot in the international market.

"The establishment of the UK branch is a milestone in the history of our group. As the very first touch point of our presence in Europe, I believe the London office will be a strong point to improve our business performance in Europe."

At the end of the speech, Tim praised and encouraged all employees to continue their efforts in 2021, achieve even more brilliant results, and create a golden age for the group.

Sophia Liu, General Manager of Crown Chemical

Afterwards, Sophia Liu, general manager of Crown Chemical, a subsidiary of the group, looked back on the past year when crises and opportunities coexisted. During the special period, we tried our best to organise the PPE resources that’s made available to us through multiple channels, and donate them to customers, suppliers and colleagues in the company at home and abroad.

In addition, Sophia gave a high degree of affirmation and encouragement to the Crown Chemical team, who did not shrink from the difficulties in the special period, actively changed their minds and turned dangers into peace. Focusing on 2021, "I hope everyone will continue to work hard in the new year, and look forward to the more brilliant future of Crown International Corporation!"

Daniel Liau, General Manager of Gremax Industrial

Then, Daniel Liau, general manager of the Singapore branch of the group, gave everyone a New Year greeting via video connection.

Daniel said that there will be many market changes in 2020, and the order situation will also be affected. However, with the unremitting efforts of Singapore colleagues and the concerted cooperation of the procurement, logistics and finance departments of the headquarters, it has effectively guaranteed Singapore and the surrounding Asia-Pacific region during the special period. He also put forward a new idea of adjusting and deploying the strategic direction in 2021 according to market development and changes, which was inspiring.

Crown International Corporation attaches great importance to talent development. We actively reserve talents, encourage outstanding employees, and create a broad environment for employee development. At this annual meeting, the group recognised the outstanding contributions of 18 employees.

After the awards session, it is the long-awaited dinner time. In addition to the performances, in order to let everyone return with a full load, the organising committee also set up an exciting lottery session and generous gifts. With the surprise and warm gifts of each gift, there was thunderous applause and laughter.

Amidst the cheers of everyone, tonight, we bid farewell to 2020 and reaped joy.