The variable-angled block patterns for mid-short distance transport provides high anti-cracking, anti-smashing and anti-moving capabilities, inhibiting deformed grinding and increasing puncture resistance. 

Strong stone-ejecting bottom grooves enhance steering performance of the connecting ribs in the longitudinal direction, while effectively prevent cracks, lumps, and any deformation due to irregular wear.

Low heat-generating compound formula and heat-dissipating shoulder blocks provide high wear and tear resistance, effectively reducing risks of shoulder explosion, chipping, groove splitting or crown removal under over-load and over-speed conditions.


  • 22.5" 2 TYRES
    Features Wheel Diameter Size Ply Rating Load Index & Speed Rating Standard Rim Section Width (mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load (kg) Max Load (lbs) Max Pressure (kPa) Max Pressure (psi)
    22.5 315/80R22.5 18(20) 154/151M (157/154L) D 262
    22.5 13R22.5 18 156/153L D 240

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