XCELLENT is born for Off-road SUV enthusiasts from the start. With efforts of numerous technical engineers of twenty years’ experience combined in the tyre industry, Xcellent guarantees a good adventure for all drivers by its aggressive and attractive groove design and high mileage warranty.

Quality is at core of Xcellent’s brand philosophy. Using world’s most advanced machinery, the collection is produced in manufacturing sites with production capacity of 12 million pieces annually, under the strictest quality control standards.

Go and free your ROADBREAKER mind and soul with Xcellent escorting your way.

Born different, drive Xcellent.

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Roadbreaker A/T

1 - Staggered shoulder lugs increase grip in all-terrain and inclement weather environment by clawing the driven surface.

2 - Aggressive shoulder design biting on severe situations and greatly enhance the strength of shoulder and sidewall stiffness.

3 - Creative sipe design ensure excellent traction on all surfaces, including wet and snow reduces irregular wear.

4 - Innovative tread design and compound provide confident wet braking and handling, comfortable on/off road and extendtread life and durability.

5 - Stone ejector eject stones from grooves and ensure a safer drive.

6 - Reinforcement bars stabilizes tread blocks, reduces irregular wear.

Roadbreaker M/T

1 - Open and staggered shoulder blocks improve off-road traction, enhance lateral grip in muddy, sandy, or snowy off-road conditions.
2 - Full 3-ply polyester sidewall construction along with the new wear-resistant formula improves strength in harsh conditions and provides for longer driving mileage.
3 - Innovative stone ejectors prevent stone retention and stone drilling between blocks, improving driving stability, extending tread life and preventing irregular wear.
4 - Side bites in shoulder and upper sidewall offer added traction in rough off-road terrain, increase puncture resistance, and provide rugged assurance.
5 - Innovative blade sipes significantly improve traction performance and tread life, optimising mud terrain performances.
6 - Open shoulder and wide tread stance provide superior off-road performance and all-weather assurance.

R&D Process
  • Carcass

  • Structure

  • Pattern

  • Mold

Performance Criteria
  • Safety

    Belt & Bead Stress


    Skid Resistance

  • Mileage

    Rolling Resistance

    Rolling Temperature

    Wear Ratio

  • Comfort




  • Handling

    Lateral Stability

    Drive Brake

  • Innovative Steel Cord

    Rubber compounding process becomes more comprehensive using this technique, which ensures durability, long tread wear, and high retread ability rate.

  • Dual-Compound

    The optimized bead design improves bead strengths, increases heavy loading capacity while effectively avoiding shoulder separation.

  • Even

    Optimized profile and balanced compounding material distribution on tread assure each tread block receives even impact, avoiding irregular wear.

Factory equipment