Global Resource, Technology and Knowledge Engine Designed to Unlock Value for Manufacturers and Buyers

What We Do

Integrating Global Resources

Building Diversified Sourcing Strategies

Forging Innovative Partnership Models

Aggregating Intelligence Network

Our Expertise

Market and Segment Development

Customised Product Line Extension

Optimised Logistics Solutions

Efficient Risk Management

Our Core Values

Solution Driven

Customer Oriented

Service Minded

Mutually Beneficial


The company group strives to build up a comprehensive industry chain of high value and sustainability, enabling global resource integration as well as closed-loop business network development, and ultimately creating the synergy that empowers each and every stakeholder of interest from upstream suppliers to downstream customers.


In-house research, technology, innovation and development center to monitor new technological developments, push the boundaries of technical capabilities, and develop new designs including tread pattern, sidewall composition, rubber compound according to the market feedback.

New Materials

Our supply chain continues to grow smarter and is made up of a combination of Top 500 Fortune raw material enterprises in the tyre industry. We source globally and supply ahead-of-the-market chemical materials that are special, advanced and reliable.

Modern Equipment

A competitive edge of being able to equip our plants with state-of-the-art production facilities fully geared for producing large volumes of superior quality products, , to meet the present and future needs of a modern tyre industry.


We have established presence among the leading manufacturing cluters in China, cooperating with multiple manufacturing units that are ISO 9001:2015 certified, as well as nationally recognised laboratories, tailored to varied market demands.


Extended brand portfolio with Gremax being the major focus, promoting a healthy and exciting lifestyle on the go.


Online and offline strategic marketing planning as well as facilitating partners and clients with regards to promotional support.

End Users

Number one national go to brand for auto service chain with a domestic presence of 80+ venues in 9 major cities. Trusted long-term partner of Michelin and Castrol.