Crowntyre Industrial is one of the leading players in the global tyre industry since its foundation in 2006. A clear strategy, an international network, a comprehensive product range and  a customer-oriented service have been the key to the company's decade long success.

  • 500 Distribution Partners

    Headquartered in the center of China's manufacturing clusters, Crowntyre manages to maintain strong growth and distribution networks all over the world.

  • 80 Industry Specialists

    Whether product development, order placements, production schedules, logistics arrrangement, distribution support or after-sale services, your business is in good hands of our dedicated representatives who know the business from the bottom up and top down.

  • 7 Full-Range Product Lines

    Our portfolio includes more than one thousand SKUs of products addressing all your needs for mobilization - personal cars, 4WDs, commercial vans and light trucks, ST trailers, trucks and buses, off-the-road industrial and agricultural applications, and more.

  • 6 Million Sales Volume

    Crowntyre has established its global presence across over 126 countries through more than 500 distribution partners worldwide. Thanks to its strong R&D investment and strict quality control, Crowntyre delivers 6 million pieces of sales worldwide every year.

Full Range Product Portfolio

Crowntyre is devoted to maintaining a full-range demand-driven product portfolio, encompassing passenger car tyres, 4x4 SUV tyres, Run-Flats, racing tyres, truck and trailer tyres, off-the-road tyres, agricultural tyres, motorcycle and bicycle tyres, and more. Our product lines continue to expand and improve.

Strategic Partners

Crowntyre has established strong partnership with industry leaders, and we strive to build up a comprehensive industry chain of high value and sustainability, enabling global resource integration as well as closed-loop business network development, and ultimately creating the synergy that empowers each and every stakeholders.

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