Powered by tech, driven with style. Your ideal choice of eco-driving solution.

SUNTEK, taking the metaphor of getting power from the ever-evolving technology, offers a wide range of HP/UHP series, SUV series, commercial van and LT series, and ST Trailer series.

Powered by the latest R&D technology, as well as adopting the environmentally friendly formula, Suntek adheres to the eco-friendly and fuel-saving design concept, with the dedicated mission to increase energy efficiency and low down noise emissions. The team is committed to providing quality tyres and outstanding service to customers around the globe. Exclusively customised products are available for every market.

Wherever you go, Suntek will always be your reliable companion.

  • STK R07

    Ultra High Performance


    Commercial Van and Light Truck

  • STK AT86

    SUV A/T

Multiple compound tread enhances comfort and increases fuel efficiency, contributing to energy saving and environmental friendliness.

Wide longitudinal grooves effectively increase tire safety, ensuring high-speed driving, and enhancing tire drainage and wet traction.

Unequal pitch order effectively reduces resonance coefficient and lowers noise and improves comfort performance.

Asymmetrical pattern design clearly differentiates functions of inner and outer sides, and enhances driving stability at high speed.

Diversified sipes and sliced grooves greatly improve stability and comfort in high-speed driving.

Special tread compound formula with silica greatly reduces rolling resistance.

Transverse-shaped grooves in central and both sides connected to main grooves significantly improve water and sand grip.

Semi-closed shoulder design effectively increases strength and durability.

Three main longitudinal grooves improve directional performance, with side trapezoid grooves enhancing drainage performance.

Unequal pitch design and random arrangement effectively reduce rolling noise and avoid early damage.

Multiple compound tread increases wear resistance and tear resistance, as well as improving service life and safety on unpaved roads.

Central circumferential rigid pattern rib effectively enhances stability in high-speed driving.

Unequal pitch order greatly enhances pattern blocks' rigid and effective noise lowering ability, and perfectly supports stability in driving.

Stair-stepping sipes improve grip performance as well as enhance stability on wet roads.

Irregular combined patterns significantly enhance blocks' rigidity, and increasing road driving stability.

R&D Concepts
Comfort and Safety

Suntek is committed to developing future tyre technologies to ensure the safety and higher standards of living for all. Enhanced cross-ply construction with blended tread compounds and innovative pattern design deliver impressive grip and handling in both dry and wet conditions, ensuring a smooth and safe ride.


Suntek aims at developing new, renewable compounding methods with sustainable raw material for use in manufacturing processes, with the dedicated mission to reduce rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and decrease emissions level.

Optimal Value for Money

There is no compromise in quality or affordability with Suntek. Thanks to improvement in pattern and compound design, Suntek offers prolonged tread life and enhanced strength, ideally suited for drivers looking to maximise fuel efficiency without compromising performance.

Black to Green, Carbon Black to Silica

SUNTEK advocates to replace rubber with a synthetic blend incorporating silica, which can not only help replace rubber in the treads, but reduces rolling resistance and therefore road friction, essentially improving tyre durability and longevity–meaning longer times between replacements.

Run-On-Flats With Zero Pressure

Run-flat or zero-pressure tyres can support the weight of a vehicle for a short time at reduced speeds (under 80 km/h) for limited distances, a great insurance against getting stranded due to a flat, allowing you to get to a safe, convenient location for a tow or a tire replacement.

Manufacturing Processes & Equipment