Ahead of the curve. Brilliance in every way. Meet the tyre industry chain solution provider.

Crowntyre Industrial is one of the leading players in the global tyre industry since its foundation in 2006. A clear strategy, an international network, a comprehensive product range, and a customer-oriented service have been the key to our decade-long success.

As a professional tyre manufacturer and trusted international import and export specialist based out of China, along with a strong domestic performance and global supply chain network, Crowntyre has established its global presence across over 127 countries and regions, through more than 500 distribution partners worldwide.

Crowntyre owns a unique portfolio of well-established original private brands and trademarks, including Gremax, Suntek, and Xcellent. Our brands are engineered for extraordinary durability and ultimate fuel efficiency and are all certified to quality standards including ISO9001, DOT, ECE, GSO/GCC, INMETRO, SASO, etc., underscoring our reputation as a reliable, modern manufacturer.

  • 2006


  • 127

    Countries and Regions

  • 500 +

    Distribution Partners

  • 7

    Full-Range Product Lines

A full range of consumer and commercial tyre and accessories products are produced on multiple manufacturing plants of more than 50,000 square meters with around 2,000 skilled hands, with strong R&D investment and strict quality control, with an annual overseas sales of over 6 million pieces.

Crowntyre continues to strive to get ahead of the tyres and accessories industry curve and it is our long dedicated mission to become the ideal solution provider to our partners and clients.

  • Industry Specialists
    80 Industry Specialists

    Whether order placements, production schedules, logistics arrrangement, distribution support or after-sale services, your business is in good hands of our dedicated representatives who know the business from the bottom up and top down.

  • Full-Range Product Lines
    7 Full-Range Product Lines

    Our portfolio includes more than 200 thousand SKUs of products addressing all your needs for mobilisation - personal cars, 4WDs, commercial vans and light trucks, ST trailers, truck and buses, off-the-road industrial and agricultural applications, and more.

  • Million Sales Volume
    15 Million Sales Volume

    Thanks to its strong R&D investment and strict quality control, Crowntyre delivers over 15 million pieces of sales worldwide every year, to more than 127 countries and regions through 500+ business partners.