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Directional five-rib tread design provides gratifying ride control and excellent drainage performance.

Widened, notched shoulder ribs evenly dispense heat and contact pressure for longer mileage.

Edged blocks help increase grip and heat dissipation efficiency, while fight irregular wear in free rolling positions.

Deepened sawtooth sipes along the grooves deliver optimum wet/dry performance.

Stone ejectors planted in the grooves protect casing from damage, promoting multiple retreads.

Wear protector on the sidewall provides excellent protection against impacts and bruises.


  • 22.5" 4 TYRES
    Features Wheel Diameter Product Code Size Load Index & Speed Rating Ply Rating Standard Rim Section Width(mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load Max Pressure
    Kg Ibs Kpa Psi
    22.5 GT0001 295/75R22.5 144/141M 14 9 12 40 6175/5675 110
    22.5 GT0002 295/75R22.5 146/143M 16 9 12 40 6610/6005 120
    22.5 GT0003 11R22.5 144/142M 14 8.25 11 41 6175/5840 105
    22.5 GT0004 11R22.5 146/143M 16 8.25 11 41 6610/6005 120

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