Tirecool and IBM redefine the automotive aftermarket

【 Media Coverage 】 Release Date : 2014-09-19 Author : Chloe Editor : Jaime Source : Sina Auto

On September 17, the press conference and signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Tirecool and IBM was held in Beijing. The two parties reached strategic cooperation and announced that they will integrate their respective superior resources and enhance the better experience of Chinese car owners through the O2O model Define the automotive aftermarket.

At the press conference, Mr. Tim Liang, chairman of the Tirecool auto service chain, Mr. Dai Chen, general manager of the Tirecool, Feng Guohua, vice president of IBM Greater China, Chen Li, partner of GBS strategy and transformation, Xin Chongyang, head of GBS retail and consumer products of North China, etc. The senior executives of both parties were present at the scene, and there were other investment companies such as Dinghui Investment, Junlian Capital, CITIC Internet Fund, China Rubber Industry Association, China Automotive Aftermarket Association, China Entrepreneur Business School and other associations, as well as dozens of well-known domestic media to support , Witnessed this historical moment together. The conference was delivered by Tim Liang, chairman of Tirecool, and Feng Guohua, vice president of IBM Greater China.


The chairman of Tirecool mainly introduced the development history of Tirecool. He used his own story to tell us that there is great hope in this automotive aftermarket service industry, let us see the future honour, and a tireless grassroots entrepreneur who contribute strength and hope for China's reform and development. Liang said, "We are very pleased to establish a strategic partnership with the world-renowned IBM. Tirecool and IBM have a broad consensus in achieving customer value and redefining the automotive aftermarket market. Tirecool will maximize the cooperation with IBM. Try our best to achieve collaboration, innovation, and win-win situation, so that Chinese car owners can enjoy a better quality aftermarket service life."

Feng Guohua, vice president of IBM Greater China, said that the cooperation between IBM and Tirecool is a common opportunity for both parties, and he hopes that both parties will establish a more active and deeper cooperative relationship and achieve common development. Mr. Feng's speech let us see the confidence of IBM in the  automotive aftermarket service industry, and the favor of the world's strongest strategic consulting agency for this market in China.

Afterwards, Dai Chen, the executive general manager of Tirecool, gave a wonderful speech for everyone, mainly introduced the development background of the automotive aftermarket service industry, the business model of the wheel warehouse, and the future development plan of the Tirecool. Make the Tirecool APP in order to build service industry O2O. Tirecool APP is the good method for customer to learn about car and maintenance knowledge. It is the link between the car owner and the Tirecool. It introduces famous car company data, establishes the most professional big data center. Work with the world advanced German software companies to create a car owner CRM system. Therefore create a road of car service with the characteristics of Tirecool. Dai ’s wonderful speech gave us a full understanding of China ’s automotive aftermarket service , let people know what Tirecool did, what Tirecool ’s dream was, and what the young people ’s beliefs and perseverance were.


The two parties held a signing ceremony, and they jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The media and guests at the site used warm applause to celebrate the greatest cooperation in the Chinese automotive aftermarket. The applause continued for a long time, and the guests on site were very active. A cold meal was also prepared for the guests on site. After the signing ceremony, everyone discussed the development status and planning of Tirecool, exchanged management experience.

Strong alliance to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Tirecool and IBM are industry leaders in their respective fields. Strategic cooperation will achieve a win-win situation in the market expansion and business growth of Tirecool and IBM. More importantly, Tirecool played a positive demonstration effect on redefining the automotive service market.

Tirecool is the first automobile professional aftermarket service organization with independent intellectual property rights in China. The enterprise precisely locates the automobile after service market, draws on the experience of international chain operation and combines the mature operation mode of Japanese and European automobile after service market, develops a "one-stop" brand-new consumption mode with tire and steel ring sales, quick repair and maintenance service, and 24-hour rescue service. It realizes the concept of "outlets" in the automotive post service industry.

IBM is a global leader in the information industry, providing Chinese customers with leading hardware, software, corporate consulting, and technical services to help China's industries continue to innovate and transform. In the era of big data and cloud computing. IBM is not only actively transforming itself, but also committed to helping enterprises and industries transform and supporting the development strategy of enterprise.


The Tirecool auto service and IBM strategically cooperate to cope with market trends and market competition. The enterprise manager focuses on the company's long-term development in the future. In addition, they puts forward higher requirements for the future omni-channel large-scale chain. Thinking about how to build a chain of capabilities, to achieve customer experience improvement, and continuous customer value enhancement to build core capabilities. Try to establish consumer-driven multi-channel chain operation enterprises, and establish an O2O omni-channel network in the automotive aftermarket to support Tirecool future profitability Scale expansion. This is an important day in the history of the development of Tirecool. It signifies that the wheelhouse will climb on the shoulders of giants from now on, win a broader development space and obtain the support of advanced technology. It is also a useful attempt by IBM to develop the after-sales service market and development cooperation model, and an excellent development platform for both parties! The cooperation between the two parties will add a beautiful landscape of strong cooperation in the rapidly developing Chinese automotive aftermarket service.

It has been a long-term strategic goal for Tirecool to be “international”. After Tesla, the world-famous premium electric vehicle brand, entered China, Tirecool first applied to Tesla China Headquarters for the installation of a special charging pile and obtained the installation qualification. After obtaining the installation qualification of Tesla charging pile, Tirecool this time will stand tgether with the IBM. Will allow more global leading experience to boost the development of the industry and benefit Chinese car owners.

The cooperation between the Tirecool and IBM will provide greater motivation to the aftermarket service, set off a new revolution in the aftermarket service market, and create a new road to the aftermarket service in China.

Source: Sina Auto